Brew with Hot Water

Soak few pieces of chipped root or infuse Tongkat Ali powder in hot water and wait for the fibres to precipitate before drink. You can repeat this method until it becomes tasteless.

    Boil and Cook

Soak chipped roots in clean water (number of pieces is optional), then simmers for 10 minutes, and pour only the soup to drink. The remainder can be cooked repeatedly for 2-3 times. This method is the most effective method among all.

    Soak in White Spirit

Soak chipped roots in white spirit for one month and above, make sure submerge all the roots. White spirit with high alcohol level is preferable. Best with 45 degree of alcohol and above. Drink accordingly only.


Stew 2-3 pieces of Tongkat Ali chipped roots together in broth until the meat is cooked, suitable for adults and children.