LongJack (Tongkat Ali) is known as Malaysia national treasure, a native therapeutic herb that is highly valued by international pharmaceutical industry, and sells well in worldwide. In Malay, Tongkat means staff or walking stick, in reference to its effects on male vitality. Meanwhile, Tongkat Ali is also been called "Natural Aphrodisiac" by locals, or "Malaysia Ginseng" as it contains five times more flavone than ginseng. In Vietnam, Tongkat Ali is been called "Herbs that cure all diseases".

Tongkat Ali is a kind of wild shrub that grown in moist sandy soil of virgin tropical rainforest, in Southeast Asia near the equator, which its maturity is normally more than 5 years. Its height can be 4-6 meters or even up to 12 meters, trunk diameter of 8-10 cm or at most 15cm. It is often unbranched with umbrella-shaped leaves on top. Its root has no bifurcation, yet can grow deepest 2 meters underground. Roots of Tongkat Ali have various effects, known as Malaysia National Treasure together with edible bird's nest and pewter. According to studies, roots of Tongkat Ali (especially its core) contain various phytochemicals drugs that are able to enhance the production of testosterone, which allows supporting of hormone levels for reproductive organs and brain developments, and also promote healthy libido in males.



  • Anti-Cancer
  • Anti-Malaria
  • Boost Fertility
  • Boost Body Immune System
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Reduce Fever
  • Enhance Physical Fitness
  • Stronger Kidney Function

  • Postpartum Tonic
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Relief Rheumatism
  • Relief Diabetes
  • Protect and Nourish Ovary

    LEAVES Alternate phyllotaxy, odd pinnate reaching 30-100cm in length. Each compound leaf consists of 31 to 51 leaflets, lanceolate or obovate-lanceolate. Each leaflet is about 3-12.5 cm long, 0.5-3.5cm wide, gradually sharp tip, and wedge-shaped base. Leaf remains intact after rub.

    FLOWER Inflorescence axillary, light prune colour, shaft length of 25-85cm, petals with very fine pubescent. Dioecious, stalk length of 3-6mm, 5 stamen hairs, 5 stigmas, ovary at top end, 5 petals.

    FRUIT Drupe length 12cm, ovoid, diameter of 7cm, yellow when young and brownish red when ripe.

    STEM Diameter reaching 30.5cm, dark grey or brown colour, reddish-brown shoots, and obvious marks of leaf removal at top.

    ROOT Evergreen shrub, height 15 meters, young tree without branches, old tree with branches, light yellow colour roots.